Hi-Res ! 2014 09 24 - Ashridge Estate -  ’ The Hollow Crown ’ - Richard III - by Eagle Eyes

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Caption : 24 Sep 2014, London, England, UK —- EXCLUSIVE: Benedict Cumberbatch gets VERY relaxed while smoking a roll-up on set of BBC2 production of “The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses” based on Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd. Pictured: Benedict Cumberbatch —- Image by Eagle Eyes



Last Richard III Stage Door.

The 3 months are closing to an end.

I’ve made every actors a little gift and I passed the gifts to them before the show today,

After Martin signed for me, he said “Thanks darling, and listen, thanks for our key rings, they’re lovely, we all love them, thank you.”

Well, I worked so hard for those Key rings, but now, it all pay off:-)

You’re very welcome Martin!!! It’s been the best 3 months in my entire life!!!

Tomorrow I’m gonna see the final two shows, then everything over, I’ll never forget all these times with Richard III

Please do not repost them to anywhere else without me knowing, Thanks~